Geostar Controls & Services

Started in 2008, Geostar was founded based on the philosophy of providing exceptional service by educated and knowledgeable technicians. Through our expanse of all our product offerings, we have been able to help thousands of customers take control of their HVAC systems. 

Lifetime solutions

Geostar provides building managers with the powerful automation tools they need to achieve greater energy efficiency in their buildings. With our team of knowledgeable technicians, we will ensure your building’s HVAC systems are optimized for efficiency, comfort, and high-quality performance.

Multiple product offerings

From our partnership with Computrols, the Industries  ONLY TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY, to our partnerships with Johnson Controls and Honeywell; we are equipped with the tools and experience needed to assist you with any system you have and help optimize your buildings HVAC systems.

Computrols – THE Lifetime Warranty product